Wellness, relationship and sex tips from Lena Elkhatib, Licensed MFT, Chicago and Skokie-based Individual, Relationship and Sex Therapist.
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Sex in a time starved world

Sex in a Time-Starved World

At the beginning of the day, when the alarm goes off and you and your partner are getting out of bed, you may have EVERY intention of getting it on later that night—if you can squeeze it in. But unfortunately, after rushing the kids to

What Parenting Can Teach Us About Connecting

What Parenting Can Teach Us About Connecting

Article originally published on Feeling “disconnected” is probably the most common complaint I hear from couples with kids. They longingly describe the easy, “natural” connection they had with each other in the past and feel frustrated that their best efforts at date nights are still

Does Love Sabotage Desire

Does Love Sabotage Desire?

A married man went to visit the doctor one day and the doctor said, 'Have you had sex in the last seven days?' And the man said, 'No, my birthday's in April.' That’s the running joke, right? When you say “I do”, you’re really saying “I