Resources to Help Couples Stay Healthy and Reduce Stress at Home
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Resources to Help Couples Stay Healthy and Reduce Stress at Home

Guest post by: Emily Graham at

The COVID-19 crisis turned our worlds upside down, and coming out of the pandemic means all kinds of “new normals.” We’ve been forced to work from home, practice social distancing, and, until recently, keep ourselves at home and away from the outside world. That’s a lot of change over a very short amount of time. If you are married or in a relationship, all of these sudden changes may have put added stress on both you and your partner. If you’re not careful, that stress can quickly boil over and cause problems in your relationship.


So, how can couples stick together and maintain a healthy connection? Using these wellness and relationship tips from Essentia Therapy can certainly help.


Spend Some Time De-Stressing Your Home.


No matter how much you love your partner, being stuck inside together can start to feel old, fast. Taking simple steps to create a healthier and happier home can tame some of that tension, and that includes scheduling some stay-at-home date nights.



Stock Up on Healthy Foods for Your Home.


For a lot of couples, deciding what to do for dinner can lead to stress and arguments. This is why it can help to keep things simple when it comes to meals and snacks at home.



Stick to Fitness Routines While You’re at Home.


Working out can produce endorphins and relieve stress, both of which can be positive for your relationship. So, use these resources to burn calories together or solo.



Start an At-Home Business.


One way you both could strengthen your relationship and make some extra cash is to start a business from home, whether you’re offering consulting services or selling products online.



If you want to make your relationship stronger during this stressful time, or any stressful time in life, you need to start by taking care of your health and happiness. De-stressing your home, eating healthy meals, and getting exercise can all be crucial for keeping your cool during times of crisis, and can prevent that stress from impacting your relationship.


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